Damien Hirst, go away!

Last night I switched on my TV to a programme called Imagine. A programme about contemporary art, and how it is selling for more than some of the masters these days. Well, rubbish is what I said, the show presenter, Alan Yentob, proceeded to by a piece of wood painted red for £3,500, and it was literally a piece of wood painted red. Hell, there was a doorway which looked like part of the exhibition space because it was an open doorway. on sale for £5,000.

How the hell I am ever going to make a living from art when I just can`t come up with ideas like that? I might as well just crap on the canvas and call it something. That’s been done though. 🙂 Damien Hirst, he is another one, how can you sell something for millions of pounds which looks like a high school project, aaargh, it makes, me so angry. I am struggling away and trying to get people to notice me and it just doesn’t happen. I think I need to do something really meaningless and just say “hey, it’s art”.

Anyway, it is my plan to start a new art movement called “The Painters of the 21st Century, Who Paint” Anyone want to join, drop me a comment.


Author: James Presley

I am an artist and I love it. What do I have to do to live from what I love? I'm not dying or cutting me bloody ear off, that's for sure.

5 thoughts on “Damien Hirst, go away!”

  1. I too saw the program, infact I was a the frieze show on the opening day – re: chapman brothers £10 note saga (its in my postings), the main thing I came away with that day was the thought that no one appears to paint anymore, just come up with a concept at let it run, there was very little in the way of quality painting/draughtmanship this I believe is fundemental in art. There is some great art going on but unfortunatly (sorry for poor spelling – in bed ill at present!) it gets overlooked by the latast fad, heres to better art in the future


  2. How refreshing it would be to have an art movement for those of us that actually paint. I get very disheartened these days when I view the Saatchi site, it seems that the only ‘art’ to get noticed is the bizaare, sickening or porn. I refer to the installation piece of the starving dog in Costa Rica, (not exhibited by Saatchi I must add) ‘artists’ who use their bodily fluids (yuk) or close-up shots of genitalia – (incredibly boring) – I was going to take a photograph of my cat’s bum and submit it to the Saatchi site but I feared I would be exploiting her civil rights as a cat!


  3. Sheep, cows, sharks in vitrines….PUhleeze… A modern day obsession with mounted collections, like those dusty mouldering ones of butterflies from my Victorian great granfather’s collection of pinned entomologic collections under glass. The same people who might pay ot millions to acquire one of Hirst’s pickled specimens would be horrified by the stench of shit from neighbouring cattle lots, and squeamish about the blood-bath horrors of abbatoirs, and be very selective of plastic-wrapped styrofoam trays of lamb from New-Zealand and other places far away. There should be ethical considerations in contemporary art, as there are in scientific porgress. Why is insanity permitted in art, but carefully guarded against in science? Hirst is an embodiment of hubris, plain and simple. Art does hold up a mirror to life – but are we all looking through the glass darkly? G


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