The Art of Tony Curtis

Tony Curtis, who was born 25th June, 1925, is in the UK at the moment. I saw him on a chat show the other nigh, actually he’s been on quite a few since being here, but one in particular really surprised me, I never knew hew was an artist. And abstract art at that. I was also surprised at how good some of his art is. Above all he seemed like a really sweet, funny old gentleman.

I don’t want to write his biography because you all know who he is but I would like to share some of his art. I believe he has an exhibition here in London at the moment and that is why he is in England.

I hope you all enjoy the paintings as much as I did.

If you want to see more go to Many Faces The Art of Tony Curtis


Author: James Presley

I am an artist and I love it. What do I have to do to live from what I love? I'm not dying or cutting me bloody ear off, that's for sure.

5 thoughts on “The Art of Tony Curtis”

  1. A very sad loss.

    I agree that most people dont realise that he was an artist too. I spent a day with him when he actually told me that he was an artist first and an actor second

    He also told me that his proudest moment was when a painting was selected for MoMA in NY and surpringly not anything connecting with acting!

    (full story of our meeting and discussion about his art on my blog a kick up the arts)


  2. If I knew more about abstract art, accept that it strikes everyone differently, I would say something smart. Unfortunately I have a lot to learn about it. I would like to mention that I liked Tony in “Houdini”. He had a way about him that looked to me to be the man himself. I guess the gift of being a great painter or sculptor as well as an actor sort of run together for so many talented people. There is an emptiness inside in knowing that he is no longer with us. He’s up there painting pictures of heaven. RIP Tony.


  3. He has been painting since he was 6 apparently. There are some photos of him on the net when he was younger holding a paint brush and painting


  4. Interesting. I’m chagrined to say that I didn’t recognize the actor from his photo. It seems many famous entertainers took up artwork when they retired. So did my Uncle Al. He’s not famous, but still a decent painter.


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