Julian Opie

Well, yet another artist I have discovered, Julian Opie. I really enjoyed browsing his website and looking at the simplicity of his work. You can have some fun with some screensaver downloads he lets you take and if you are interested in seeing his works on exhibition then he will be showing in the following:

Lisson Gallery
London 15 Oct – 14 Nov 2008 Solo Show
Vienna, Austria 11 June – 21 Sept 2008 Solo Show
Mito Tower
Tokyo, Japan 19 July – 5 Oct 2008 Solo Show
Mie Prefecture Museum
Japan 14 Feb – 13 April 2008 Still Motion Touring Group Show
National Museum of Art Osaka
Osaka, Japan 29 April – 15 June 2008 Still Motion Touring Group Show
Tokyo Metropolitan
Tokyo, Japan 23 Aug – 12 Oct 2008 Still Motion Touring Group Show 2007
Phoenix Museum of Art
Arizona, US Permanent Installation Julian & Suzanne walking, 2007

Article provided by Grove Art Online www.groveart.com

English sculptor, painter, printmaker and installation artist. He studied at Goldsmiths‘ College (1979–82) under Michael Craig-Martin, for whom he briefly worked as an assistant, and emerged as an influential figure on the British art scene in the 1980s, with a highly inventive series of painted metal sculptures. These humorous and playful sculptures combined a loosely painted imagery with steel shapes, as in the case of This One Took Ages to Make (1983; New York, Mr and Mrs A. Safir priv. col., see 1994 exh. cat., p.15), representing a red typewriter supported by the loose pages that fall from it. Towards the end of the 1980s his sculptures became larger, more austere and minimal, and were often based on a relationship between art and architecture. As his work developed it dealt increasingly with the exploration of visual and spatial experience, often with reference to digital simulation. Imagine You are Walking (1–18) (acrylic on wood, 1993; London, Lisson Gal., see 1994 exh. cat., pp. 96–7), comprises 18 neutrally painted images of the interior of a computer-generated maze. The title invites the viewer to project himself into the various configurations, in themselves an approximation of basic cognitive processes. In a related series, Imagine You are Driving (acrylic on wood, glass and aluminium, 12 parts, 1993; London, Lisson Gal., see 1994 exh. cat., pp. 106–9), images simulate the bland, hypnotic experience of motorway driving. An autonomous, purified idealism is underlined by alienation, suggesting a dystopic side of modernist architecture and planning and the human failure of a technological modelling of experience. Opie’s exploration of cognition also takes the form of architectural model-making, in which he constructs bland generic models of building typologies, such as castles or churches. These were intended to reflect a disengaged and superficial emotional response to the outside world; such a response could equally be one of numb indifference or innocent wonder. In 1995 Opie was awarded the Sargent Fellowship at the British School in Rome.


Author: James Presley

I am an artist and I love it. What do I have to do to live from what I love? I'm not dying or cutting me bloody ear off, that's for sure.

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