Marten Jansen

This is a very good abstract artist I came across,  I really enjoy the strong colours.  Here is autobiography and some of his paintings.  Please click on his link at the bottom of the page to view more of his works.


I was born on September 12th, 1964, in Naarden, The Netherlands and grew up in Bussum, a suburb of Amsterdam. I moved to Amsterdam in 1983, to study economics at the University of Amsterdam.


My interest in art started when I was 17, when I became seriously interested in music and wanted to become a composer. Because of the tacit opposition of my parents, and possibly my own doubts, I did not pursue a career in music, but went to study economics in 1983, which I managed to keep up for no less than two and a half years. Later on I developed an interest in physics and mathematics, which I studied on my own account (and still do, occasionally, to humor the nerd in me), but economics still doesn’t particularly interests me, so much for that.

In physics I specialize in relativity and have proved that simultaneity is not relative.


In 1990 I started to paint in a casual and decidedly amateurish way, until in 1997 “something clicked” and I became far more motivated, producing a series of figurative works.

In 1989 my father died during heart surgery and in 1990 my only sister died of cancer. When I quit my economics studies it became clear to me that becoming an artist was my destiny, taking into account the economic insecurity that goes along with that. While living in Amsterdam, in 1993 I ran out of financial resources and moved back to Bussum, to live with my mother (told you I’m a nerd).

In 1998 I made a series of semi-abstract female portraits (inspired by Picasso and Corot), then in 2003 I began to paint in a social realism style, which only now I’m beginning to feel comfortable with. The social realism is inspired by photo journalism, the painter Daumier and also by Munch, to an extent, and by Rembrandt and Rubens (for the way they brought “drama” to painting). In a general artistic sense Mahler and Bach (the composers) have also been of influence.

Marten Janssen
Marten Jansen’s Abstract Art Blog


Author: James Presley

I am an artist and I love it. What do I have to do to live from what I love? I'm not dying or cutting me bloody ear off, that's for sure.

3 thoughts on “Marten Jansen”

  1. I love your artwork and how you make the complex ideas and structures show such simplicity. I am studying your work for a school project and would like to know what you think about abstract expressionism and art informel. Thank you.


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