Hidden Numbers


Margareta Jungerth Boo

A great Swedish abstract artist I discovered at Artbreak.com love her works. And Happy Birthday to Margareta ūüôā

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There is no set manuscript for my work.
Each piece has its own story to tell.
That which has never  happened may emerge with a thread of reality.
Watercolour is my chosen mode of expression.

Exhibitions selected by juries:
2004¬† “V√•rsalong” ¬† the County Museum, Linkoping Sweden
2004  National Watercolour Exhibition, Vasby Art Gallery Stockholm Sweden
2005¬† “V√•rsalong” National Exhibition ,Vasby Art Gallery Stockholm
2005¬† “Utblick” Vadstena Castle, National exhibit
2006¬† Grand Prix International de la peinture a’ l’eau ,Tr√©gastel France
2006   National Watercolour Exhibition, Art Gallery Stockholm
2006¬† ” Julsalong” National Exhibition ,Edsvik Art Gallery Stockholm
2007  Nordic Watercolour Exhibition  Ronneby Art Gallery, Lulea Art Gallery,Edsvik Art Gallery

2007, 2008, 2009 National Watercolour Exhibition, Vasby Art Gallery Stockholm.

2008 “Under samma tak” the County Museum, Linkoping Sweden

2008 “H√∂stsalong” National Exhibition ,Edsvik Art Gallery Stockholm.

2009 National Watercolour Exhibition  Edsvik Art Gallery  Stockholm

2009 Nordic Watercolour Exhibition  Webbgallery Nordic Watercolour Org.
Solo exhibitions ( selected)
Swedish Goverments Office, Stockholm
Andree Museum, Grenna Sweden.

Skådebanan Linköping Sweden

Sigma Gallery  Växjö Sweden

Swedish Maritime Administation Norrköping Sweden

Group Exhibitions (selected)
“Arco Iris” National Exhibition, Infra Art Gallery Stockholm
“Aqua di colore” National Edsvik Art Gallery Stockholm
International Watercolour Festival Bellagio Italy
International Watercolour Zaragoza Spain

” Nordic Watercolour” Art Gallery Klejn, Bornholm Denmark

Gallery Gora Montreal Canada

For Haiti. Exhibition where 18 artists have donated works for public sale.All money goes to Haiti.
Awarded Prix Aquarelle 2005 Trégastel France
Honourable mention “Arco Iris” Infra Art Gallery Stockholm

Membership in KRO theSwedish Artists` National Organization