Rose Tinted Glasses

Difficult to see when looking at the photo, but this and my previous 2 or 3 paintings are all textured, done with acrylic on canvas. This allows you not only to look at the painting but to get up close and feel the painting and if you close your eyes and feel long enough you may even get to feel the rhythm of the artist’s heartbeat when I created it. It’s ready to hang, hope you enjoy it!

Rose Tinted Glasses 100x50x4cm acrylic on canvas By James Presley


Figurante is my first painting of 2019.I used, what I think are very beautiful warm colours to warm you up in the winter.I especially like the permanent alizarin crimson that I have mixed with orange and yellow hue to highlight the dark figurante in the center.As usual, it’s so difficult to get the colours to show up as they appear in real life.It’s on box canvas, so ready to hang.

Figurante – Acrylic on canvas – 50 x 100 x 4cm James Presley