Quirky Cornish Cats

I grew up in Cornwall and besides pirates, smuggling, rum, tin mines, and its beautiful coastline Cornwall is famous for its cats.  They are everywhere, and they don’t have a care in the World.  They are probably the fattest, happiest cats you will ever see.

Couch Cats, Ponckle 

Whilst browsing I stumbled upon this website of Ponckle’s gallery in Cornwall, in case you don’t know where that is, it is in South West England the last county before you reach the Atlantic Ocean, anyway I was browsing through the painting and what I discovered was a delightful artist, who I think is called Ponckle.  She or he, I think she has the most wonderful, quirky cat paintings, and as cat lover myself, I really enjoyed looking at them. If you have time take wonder along to the website and have a look yourself.

Below is a painting I did of my cat, Henrie and I have also included some more of Ponckle’s, have fun.


3 Ships then a Cat

Pink Window Sill St. Ives