The Queen and her Heart

The Queen and her Heart is the first large-scale painting I have completed since my return from living abroad.  I've always loved painting on large surfaces and to be able to do this again was such a pleasure.  When I paint like this I have the feeling of such freedom and movement, and I am …

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Sharing my Birthday with Jackson Pollock

American artist Jackson Pollock was an alcoholic, manic-depressant and often an uncontrollable, angry and insecure man. However, when he painted, he found a sense of freedom and peace, a release from his anger and sadness. The movie “Pollock ”is, in essence, Ed Harris’ labor of love. He bought the rights to the book a decade …

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Decoding Jackson Pollock

An interesting article from smithsonianmag.com: Did the Abstract Expressionist hide his name amid the swirls and torrents of a legendary 1943 mural? By Henry Adams Smithsonian magazine, November 2009 It was my wife, Marianne Berardi, who first saw the letters. We were looking at a reproduction of Jackson Pollock's breakthrough work, Mural, an 8-by 20-foot …

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Jackson Pollock and James Presley’s Birthday

Well the day is nearly over and I just arrived home from work.  I wanted to look up something on Google and noticed they had one of Jackson Pollock's paintings on their search page.  It made me think about how much I adore his paintings so I will once again wish him happy birthday and …

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