Latest Glass Paintings

My new vases from all 4 sides

Christmas Exhibition

Please all come along to my new exhibition opening this weekend in a fabulous bar and pizzeria.  Look forward to seeing you all there.

Hidden Face

Here is a new painting I have done recently.  I am not sure about it so I am happy for any comments.

Hidden Numbers

Blue Bermuda Triangle

New Exhibition

Well all is getting better, I have my first solo exhibition in The Czech Republic, and everyone likes my works, so far.  Weather is lovely today, and for once in a long time I am feeling good.  Summer time and the living is easy, fish are jumping, etc.

My New Table

Yesterday I found a table top outside and I thought it would be a good piece for a painting so I took it home.  When it was finished I decided that it would make a nice table for living room.  So, now I have a new table, which is so much more energetic than my old glass one.