Shozo Shimamoto

Szozo Shimamoto, was born in Osaka, Japan in 1928, he is an authoratative member of the Gutai Group, which was formed in 1954 in the Kansai region.  Other important figures included in the group were the likes of Yoshihara Jiro, Kanayama Akira, Murakami Saburo and Shiraga Kazuo.  The activities of the group helped evolve western …

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Japanese New Year – Art of the New Year

Without question, New Year's (o-shogatsu) was, and to this day remains, the most important holiday within the Japanese festival calendar. Traditionally, New Year's Day meant much more than just the beginning of another arbitrary yearly round, as it does in the modern West. The author, Dan McKee is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Japanese …

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