Karel Gott: Singer or Painter?

Karel Gott was born in Bohemia, July 14th, 1939.  Originally he wanted to be an artist but failed the entrance exams.  Later he turned to singing lesson and eventually become one of the most popular singers in the former Czechoslovakia and now in The Czech Republic and The Slovak Republic.  He was and still has a loyal fan base in Germany and Austria.  He has one many awards throughout his singing career and has also performed in North and South America as well as Japan and the UAE.  This sounds impressive, but me, personally, when he is dubbed thMe ‘Czech Tom Jones’, or the ‘Sinatra of the East’, I have to chuckle to myself.  It is only my own opinion, and I don’t mean to offend any fans, but my cat is a better singer.  The music is just so cheesy, and his look and egotistic presentation of himself just boggles my mind as to how he can pull it off.

When he was younger admittedly, he wasn’t so bad, but now at 75, I just keep wishing he’d retire and stop using his reputation from the past to continue.

Having said all that, I did discover a side to him that I was quite surprised at.  He is quite a talented artist.  His paintings are reminiscent of a modern Gauguin, not saying as good but there are some hints in  his style.  It’s only in my humble opinion, but I think he should have stuck to painting.

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