Lana Del Rey: My art and her art

When we create we may like to do it in silence or wemay like to have some music going in the background.  I have recently discovered Lana Del Rey, and the more I listen, the more I love it.

Photographer:  Nicole Nodland

Her voice is so haunting and soothing, it’s kinde of like Twin Peaks mixed with a bit of bubble gum.  I can’t really describe it, but it just goes around in my head and I really love to paint while listening to her.

And the lyrics…..

Thanks Lana


Why not design album covers?

I woke up in the night because I couldn’t sleep, as you do and I had an idea about offering my art to album cover designers.  I could just see it all over the cover of a vinyl album.  That’s the thing I love about vinyl records coming back in, the album art on some of them is so outstanding, that sometimes you just buy the album because of the art.

Album cover

So I popped over to Canva and had a quick go at it.  Maybe if there are some musicians or design companies that need some images for their latest album cover design they could contact me and I would be more than happy to release the high res. images to them for a small fee. 🙂

Look no further Sony, Polydor etc.  I am here to help.



On Top Again

One of my favourite quotes by Jackson Pollock

“If people would just look at the paintings, I don’t think they would have any trouble enjoying them. It’s like looking at a bed of flowers, you don’t tear your hair out over what it means.”

This is so true when looking at many works of art, if you like something you just like it, if you don’t get, you just don’t get.  It’s like when you eat a sticky toffee pudding, you don’t know why but you’re just in heaven and then some people may not be.  I don’t understand those people, but that’s the way we’re all different.

Triple Trouble (4)
Triple Trouble

I’m really hitting the canvas lately, I have definitely found my creative mojo again.  I want to do it all the time and it’s great.  This is one of my latest creations and boy did I enjoy doing it, it just lets me express all my feelings in a sitting.

Anyway, I hope this spirit stays alive in me so I just keep going on.


A Little Poetry, A Little Art…

Just some beautiful art and a poem

Pablo Neruda: Ode to the Happy Day

This time let me
be happy.
Nothing has happened to anybody,
I am nowhere special,
it happened only
that I am happy
through the four chambers
of my heart, walking,
sleeping or writing.
What can I do? I am
I am more uncountable
than the meadow
I feel my skin like a wrinkled tree
and the water below,
the birds above,
the sea like a ring
around my waist,
the Earth is made of bread and stone,
the air sings like a guitar.
Duy Huynh Tutt'Art@ (3)

You,by my side in the sand,
you are the sand,
you sing and you are a song,
today the world
is my soul:
song and sand,
today the world
is your mouth:
Let me
be happy
on your mouth, on the sand,
be happy just because, because I am breathing
and because you are breathing,
be happy, because I am touching
your knee
and it is as though I am touching
the blue skin of heaven
and its pristine air.
Duy Huynh Tutt'Art@ (7)
Today let me
and me only
be happy,
with everybody or without them,
be happy,
with the grass
and the sand,
be happy
with the air and the earth,
be happy,
with you, with your mouth,
be happy.

In Italian Maybe:

Questa volta lasciate che sia felice,
non è successo nulla a nessuno,
non sono da nessuna parte,
succede solo che sono felice
fino all’ultimo profondo angolino del cuore.

Duy Huynh Tutt'Art@ (14)

Camminando, dormendo o scrivendo,
che posso farci, sono felice.
Sono più sterminato dell’erba nelle praterie,
sento la pelle come un albero raggrinzito,
e l’acqua sotto, gli uccelli in cima,
il mare come un anello intorno alla mia vita,
fatta di pane e pietra la terra
l’aria canta come una chitarra.

Duy Huynh Tutt'Art@ (1)

Tu al mio fianco sulla sabbia, sei sabbia,
tu canti e sei canto.
Il mondo è oggi la mia anima
canto e sabbia, il mondo oggi è la tua bocca,
lasciatemi sulla tua bocca e sulla sabbia
essere felice,
essere felice perché sì,
perché respiro e perché respiri,
essere felice perché tocco il tuo ginocchio
ed è come se toccassi la pelle azzurra del cielo
e la sua freschezza.
Oggi lasciate che sia felice, io e basta,
con o senza tutti, essere felice con l’erba
e la sabbia essere felice con l’aria e la terra,
essere felice con te, con la tua bocca,
essere felice.

Duy Huynh Tutt'Art@ (13)

Does Music Inspire Your Creativity?

Sometimes it’s the lyrics, sometimes the genre and sometimes it’s just there in the background and I may even forget I’m playing it.  One thing I do find is that when I create I usually have my ‘music-mate’.

When you create, do you need a music-mate?

Often when I am creating my next masterpiece to be hung in MoMA or The Tate Modern, I often listen to music as I find it inspiring.  Sometimes it’s the lyrics, sometimes the genre and sometimes it’s just there in the background and I may even forget I’m playing it.  One thing I do find is that when I create I usually have my ‘music-mate’.

I know there have been many studies on how music can inspire creativity, but most of these studies focused on classical music and how Mozart made students score better in their exams.  When I’m studying, I just need silence otherwise I start focusing more on the music than what I am actually doing, so it distracts me more.


Apparently, music increases your focus, not me, the opposite happens. But music does, however, affect me in other ways.  If I am listening to the right music such as Muse, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan or some oldies, I find my mood is uplifted and I start to move around more with my canvas and it may even affect my choice of colours.  I was listening to a song by Jimi Hendrix while painting this week ‘Red House’ and unintentionally painted a red painting.  I wonder if the same would happen if I was listening to Purple Haze or Yellow Submarine, or Paint it Black come to think of it.


What I do know is that when I paint, I listen to music.  I don’t have a particular genre of music that I listen to because my taste is pretty eclectic.  I just listen to whatever I feel like at the time.  But some of my favourites to paint with are Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Bob, Joan Baez, Coldplay, and I have a playlist which has a bit of everything on it.  Recently, I have started collecting vinyl records and buying a lot from eBay.  All kinds of stuff.  I would really like to get a Nina Simone album, cause that really inspires my creativity.

What music inspires you?