Charles Howard January 2nd, 1899

From I. BIOGRAPHY Though he was born in the small town of Montclair, New Jersey, Howard’s life became one that knew no physical boundaries. On January 2nd, 1899, he became the third child of Mary Robertson Bradbury (1866-1931) and future architect of the UC Berkeley campus, John Galen Howard (1864-1931). In 1902, the family …

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PAUL DELVAUX, Nude or not Nude

PAUL DELVAUX' YOUTH Paul Delvaux was born September 23, 1897 in Antheit (Belgium). Paul Delvaux' father was a lawyer and his bourgeois upbringing made him destined to become an architect. Paul followed architecture courses at the Academy of Brussels, but at the same time followed painting courses from Contant Montald. Contant Montald had also been …

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Joan Miro

The Spanish painter Joan Miró was one of the first surrealists (artists who created art that emphasized fantastic imagery who were part of a movement called surrealism that began in the early twentieth century). Miró developed a highly personalized visual language that originated from prehistoric and natural sources. Early life Joan Miró was born the …

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