Turquoise War Bonnet

Turquoise War Bonnet
Acrylic on Canvas
102 x 76cm
By James Presley

About This Work

Turquoise War Bonnet started as a different idea but developed into this finished product.It’s what I intended it to be in the end, based on the beautiful turquoise feathers warn by some native American Indian chiefs in the 19th century although only a few actually did.The painting is on all sides so can be hanged on the wall as it is or framed.Hope you enjoy it.



Chanoyu is a type of Japanese tea ceremony which is what this painting represents in my eye.Maybe something completely different in yours.It is incredibly difficult to get the colours exact when taking the photo of the painting, so to help this is done with high quality acrylic paint in turquoise, perm red-violet light, metallic gold and black and white.I hope you enjoy.


Two New Ones

So, since last posting I have created 2 more creations, but been really busy with other things to post them, but they’re here now for you to view and comment on.

The Shimmering
Acrylic on canvas
90 x 90cm
by James Presley

Thanks for taking a look and thanks to all who Like my works or posts, it’s much appreciated. Jimmy.

Orange Blossom Extravaganza at Night
Acrylic on canvas
100 x 100 cm
by James Presley


Roar-Shack – get it?

This is my latest addition to my now ever growing pile of paintings. I think I have done so many now that MoMa would find it hard to fit them all in.

I just can’t help myself….

So here is my latest painting, without further ado.

Roar-Shack, 100 x 50 x 4 cm, acrylic on canvas By James Presley

Twisted Tango

This is the first time in a very long time that I have created a painting of such proportion and I can’t tell you how much I missed the ability to express my freedom, dancing on the canvas once again.

If I had more money and perhaps a studio, I would be painting like this more often. I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoyed creating it. Welcome to my world.

Twisted Tango | Acrylic on canvas | 100 x 120 x 4cm | by James Presley

Pistolero Blues

This painting depicts a gunslinging cowboy under the hot red sun orrrr it’s a nice collage of blues and reds and oranges, which combined make a composition to fill your hall or living room. What I see is the first. Hence its title Pistolero Blues. I really hope you enjoy it and it is suitable to hang straight away. All of the sides are painted so if you don’t want to no need to frame. By James Presley 2019

Rose Tinted Glasses

Difficult to see when looking at the photo, but this and my previous 2 or 3 paintings are all textured, done with acrylic on canvas. This allows you not only to look at the painting but to get up close and feel the painting and if you close your eyes and feel long enough you may even get to feel the rhythm of the artist’s heartbeat when I created it. It’s ready to hang, hope you enjoy it!

Rose Tinted Glasses 100x50x4cm acrylic on canvas By James Presley


I hope you like the painting. This is another from my palette and orange collection. To be viewed in MoMa next year 🙂



Figurante is my first painting of 2019.I used, what I think are very beautiful warm colours to warm you up in the winter.I especially like the permanent alizarin crimson that I have mixed with orange and yellow hue to highlight the dark figurante in the center.As usual, it’s so difficult to get the colours to show up as they appear in real life.It’s on box canvas, so ready to hang.

Figurante – Acrylic on canvas – 50 x 100 x 4cm James Presley

Through the Eyes of the Sunshine Master – Last painting of 2018

Completed entirely without a paintbrush. I won’t say what with, guess!



Hippocampus was created using a few metallic colours, such a blue, gold and copper. It is painted on a box canvas and all sides are covered so would be suitable to hang straight on the wall or get framed. I would imagine that it may bring a bit of the ocean to your surroundings. Enjoy!


Hippocampus (1)



15.54 was ready to be added to my addition of many, many painting at 15.54 on 5th December 2018. In some countries that’s St. Nicholas day, or Mikulas. In England that’s just another day before Christmas. I like the fact that there is St. Nicholas Day. And I like celebrations leading up to Christmas. This painting has pine, Robins and twinkle twinkle little star. I hope you enjoy it.


15.54 James Presley 2018



Old Flame

I friend of mine gave me a nice surprise today and sent me a photo of a painting that I created about 15 years ago and I had completely forgotten about.  It was only when he sent me the photo that I remembered the painting.  He showed me that he had had it framed at it does look grand.

I can’t even remember what title I gace the painting, but I was very happy that he had kept it for all of these years.  I think it may be one of only two paintings that I have done that I have ever seen in their new home with frame.  I wish I could see more in their new homes, but I think I would have a job contacting everyone and everywhere they have gone.

Here She is


James Presley 2003



Fish Gold

So here is a new addition to my slightly smaller-sized paintings.  This one is ‘Fish Gold’, because I see a Fish and there’s gold in it.  I loved doing the gold bit and the purple/magenta, they are not normally colours I would work with so it was something a bit different.


Gold Golden More Golden3L
Fish Gold, Acrylic on canvas, 56 x 51 x 4cm, By James Presley



Unfortunately, the photo doesn’t do the gold any justice, because it does really shine beautifully in the sunlight.  Hope you like it.



Fish Gold (detail) James Presley 2018



Slow Boat on Green Water

Acrylic on canvas


By James Presley


slowboatingreenwater (1)LR

This green painting is green because I wanted to paint green. 🙂 The mood from it feels like still water on a pond or lake or a river. That’s what I feel anyway.  It took me a while to get the mood and texture I wanted to feel and the photo is so hard to capture the colours accurately, but I have done my best.


Arizona Sunset

About This Work

Although I have never been to Arizona, when I finished this painting what sprang to mind was the great rock formations in Monument Valley.That’s what I see anyway, you may see different.This bright, warm painting is ready to hang as it is on a deep-edged canvas, so you can hang it with or without a frame.Hope you enjoy it.


Arizona Sunset, Acrylic on canvas, 51 x 56 x 4cm By James Presley



Transition – Interference

Hi folks!  Sorry, I haven’t been around for a while, but with several websites to maintain and work and my art and other things, I don’t always have time to blog these days.  So, basically here is an update with one of my latest pieces.


I have also developed a great website for myself, take a look at here it if you feel like it.  Have a great day!

Transition-Interference (1)sm
Transition – Interference

By James Presley 2018


Tour de Famille

Hello peeps!

Sorry, I have not been around for a while, just sorting out a few things in life.  But here is another new painting I have just finished.  I hope you enjoy it.  If you would like to have a feature on my blog drop a line and we’ll sort something out.

Tour de Famille is my latest experiment in abstract art. I so love trying new and different colours than what I am used to working with. This painting is on box canvas so is ready to hang as it is or can be framed. Great for any modern home or office interior and also painted with passion and love. Enjoy!

Tour de Famille s



Another New Addition

I created this deep edge painting with the beautiful English summer nights in mind that we are having at the moment.The painting is 4cms deep and I have painted all around so it can be enjoyed all around, or you can get it framed.Summer Nights Rythm reminds me of a Tango dance on a summer’s night.Every bit of my soul went into it so I hope you feel it.



Summer Nights Rythm



Sparkler – New Addition


Sparkler is painted on a deep canvas and can be viewed from all sides as I have tried to make it infinite. I gave it this title because it reminds you of when you were a kid and you used to try to spell your name with a sparkler. I have tried to photograph it as best I can with my camera to get the truest possible colors as it is a very warm orange and red, so if you don’t have a fire in the winter this will hopefully warm you up.


Sparkler l


Allison’s Music

This is a painting that I have done recently and I dedicate it to my cousin.  The reason for this is because she gives me so much inspiration and it is just great that she is there for me, to encourage me and be such a wonderful person.



What a wedding!

I’ve just, unwillingly watched some of the royal wedding and was quite surprised out how nice it was.  There was definitely an American flavour to it, which I think gave it a bit of extra pazazz.  I’m sure Meghan can’t believe herself, and where she is, and likewise Harry is probably feeling a bit lucky himself.

I’m not really patriotic and don’t care too much for the royal family, but good luck to them.


Here’s a jolly painting which has recently travelled to America, Philiadelphia.

Shape of You




Oh Do Bee-have!

Bee-have, which is a play on the word behave not be and have was created using just a few colours with a view to having a large impact.I have ticked that it isn’t ready to hang, but that’s a matter of opinion really.I just feel that a nice deep frame would show it off more, but for some, it may be just as pleasing as it is.Hope someone can enjoy it as much as I enjoyed doing it.



Bee-have 2.1
Bee-have, Acrylic on canvas, by James Presley



Tumbleweed – A New Addition

Tumbleweed is my latest painting on a painting.I created a painting and on top another painting. Tumbleweed was created on a 2.5cm deep canvas so is suitable to hang straight on your wall or in a nice frame.I hope you enjoy this heart-warming piece.The colours are so difficult to capture with a camera, which is especially annoying when you know how beautiful they are. I think I have done this one justice though.

Acrylic on canvas

61cm x 92cm x 2.5cm

Tumbleweed 3
Tumbleweed by James Presley


What do I think?

The thing I liked about doing this painting was the beautiful violet blue color didn’t really stand out till after I finished.  That’s what I noticed, and that’s what I thought.  This is another piece done on unstretched canvas.  Great fun.

What do I think 3
What do I think? Acrylic on canvas, 56 x 99cm By James Presley


3 Billboards Outside Plymouth, England

I kind of named this painting inspired a little bit by the movie. I found the billboards in the movie quite moving so I painted my own. Mine have my own message and it isn’t so tragic as the film, but it’s a lot more positive. The billboards are almost empty so you can add your own thoughts to them however you please. This painting is done on unstretched canvas which is 87 cm x 99cm from edge to edge and the painting itself is 65cm x 99cm. I actually prefer it unstretched but you can get it stretched if you want.

3_Billboards_Outside_Plymouth_England 3


Review: Picasso at Tate Modern ★★★★★ – BBC News

I’d love to see this

Review: Picasso at Tate Modern ★★★★★
Will Gompertz Arts editor @WillGompertzBBC on Twitter

10 March 2018

One of the best things about Tate Modern’s Picasso exhibition is it contains some terrible art. I mean real howlers. Paintings in which we see the modern master fluffing his lines and losing his form.

via Review: Picasso at Tate Modern ★★★★★ – BBC News


Abstract Expressionism and the Cold War

Suites Culturelles

faa68-vogue Cecil Beaton, The New Soft Look © 1951 by The Condé Nast Publications.

Every so often, a painter has to destroy painting. Cezanne did it, Picasso did it with cubism. Then Pollock did it. He busted our idea of a picture all to hell. Then there could be new paintings again. (Willem de Kooning, 1956)

On March 1, 1951 Vogue magazine published four pages of photographs by Cecil Beaton, in which two models showed the latest fashion creations in front of Jackson Pollock’s Lavender Mist, Number 28, Number 27, and Autumn Rhythm. The Vogue photographs exemplify the dichotomy of American culture in the 1950s: the contrast between Pollock’s paintings and the dresses emphasized the split between conformity within Cold War culture and the avant-garde modernism of post-war America. When Christian Dior introduced his New Look shortly after WWII, bringing back the corseted hour-glass-figure look, as well as lavish skirts…

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Cyber-stalking: When looking at other people online becomes a problem


I wanted to share the article below, because I am experiencing what’s going on and it’s included in the article. If the stalker reads it they will know.


via Cyber-stalking: When looking at other people online becomes a problem – BBC Newsbeat






Blue Noon

This is my latest artwork, which reflects the feelings I have occasionally when I get stuck in a rut and don’t see changes happening.  I am sure all will be well and suddenly the sun will shine on my creation 🙂  Although, I always try to keep my artwork positive and I hope here I have done so the same. Enjoy!

Blue Noon
51cm x 76cm x 3.8cm
Acrylic on canvas

Blue Noon 1


Blue Noon (fragment)


What about a big “Spring Eruption”?

I know it’s only the end of February and we keep getting all of these warnings about cold weather on the way, but down here in Plymouth we have had the quite mild weather for the last couple of days which made me feel like doing something quite Springy.

So here she is, my little bit of spring to hopefully brighten up your day and put the winter blues behind.


Spring Eruption 2
Spring Eruption




Come out to play…Monique!

Seems like Monique is getting braver these days and beginning to reveal more of herself.  I’m not sure though, she looks a bit shy.

Aah, my Monique, such a cutie. 🙂

Come out to play…Monique!
Acrylic on canvas
76 x 51 x 3.8 cm

COTPMonique 2
Painting by James Presley

COTPMonique 4


L’incroyable histoire de la famille Presley

Not so long ago, I was looking through some photos and I came across these images of some paintings.  When I first glanced at them I had no idea that I had done the paintings because they are so different to what I am doing now and also because I had completely forgotten about them.


La famille Presley, Acrylic on paper, Ca. 2002

You see, I really can’t remember doing them.  I know when I first started painting I was experimenting with different techniques and styles, but I don’t remember these.  Anyway, I quite like them, so I thought I would share them and Icall them the Presley family paintings.  Introducing me, my miss and my mistress and maybe a grand old wizard who helps me magic my way through life.


La commission judiciaire Presley, Acrylic on paper, Ca. 2002, By James Presley

If you happen to like any of the paintings then good luck in finding them, because I have no idea where they are.  I probably gave them to someone in the past and when I die they’ll be worth a fortune and probably sold at Sotherby’s for a ridiculous amount. LOL.



Monique’s Twin

This is Monique’s twin sister Maria, she’s the angel of the two but a bit shy so she keeps her face covered when posing for her portrait.  I’ll let her know if she’s liked. 🙂

You can visit Monique and Maria here

Monique’s Twin
76 x 52 x 3.8 cm
Acrylic on canvas

Monique's Twin 1




Monique is a painting I have just completed.  Monique, derives from Greek meaning alone, or advisor or the French meaning madonna or wise.

Monique 2

The title just came into my head and the meaning followed.

Acrylic on canvas
76 x 51 x 3.8

Monique 4

Monique (detail)

Monique 6


My Picasso

I’ve recently discovered a place where I can purchase all kinds of great books at incredibly low prices.  I used to have a large collection of art books about some of my favourite artists, but due to circumstances out of my control all were lost, so I have gradually started replacing them and adding a few extra.


La Vie
La Vie, 1903


I recently came into possession of Picasso, by Carsten-Peter Warncke, which is an amazing book following Picasso’s journey through his different periods.  To be honest, before I got this book I had only had an interest in Picasso’s Cubist art, I knew of other styles and periods but hadn’t really taken much notice.  I didn’t know what I had been missing.


Mother and Child
Mother and Child, 1905

They are just some of the most beautiful paintings, with so much emotion, depth, and feeling, taking you inside the painting and capturing everything in the expressions and hands of the subjects.


The Acrobats Family with Monkey
The Acrobat’s Family with Monkey, 1905


So I have included a few here that I liked a lot and some details of hands that I could already see developing towards the cubist paintings that he later did.


The Death of Harlequin (detail)
The Death of Harlequin (detail), 1906


The Acrobats Family with Monkey (detail)
The Acrobat’s Family with Monkey (detail), 1905




I strongly recommend purchasing the book for study and inspiration.

(images from book Picasso by Carsten-Peter Warncke, published 1998)

The Cemetery Caretaker Who Covered His Cottage in Mind-Bending Mosaics

Feature image: Roel Wijnants


Raymond Isidore didn’t plan on becoming an artist—let alone a sculptor who would go on to cover nearly every surface of his small home with glittering mosaics. But after a fateful stroll in 1938, when a shiny piece of broken crockery caught his eye, Isidore devoted the majority of the remainder of his life on the outskirts of Chartres, France, to the creation of one of the world’s most unique homes—an ecstatic expression of the untrained artist’s bursting imagination.

Isidore was born into a humble family in Chartres in 1900, and as a young man landed a position as the caretaker of a local cemetery. By all accounts, he led a provincial life; he married a woman roughly 10 years his senior and bought a humble plot of land not far from the famed Chartres Cathedral. There, Isidore built what began as a simple cottage, but soon transformed into his masterwork, known as La Maison Picassiette, which still stands and is accessible to the public today.

With the passion and discerning eye of a new collector, Isidore began his project by pocketing all of the broken bits of pottery and glass he could find. His sources were the fields and trash repositories around his home; he believed that “what people disdain and reject in quarries and dumps can still serve,” he once explained of his growing cache of discards.

At first, he had no objective other than to keep the eye-catching shards. “I picked them up without any specific intention, for their colors and their flicker,” he later recalled. “I sorted the good, [discarded] the bad. I piled them up in a corner of my garden.” ……. Read on

via The Cemetery Caretaker Who Covered His Cottage in Mind-Bending Mosaics


Chacun de nous: Each of us.

Latest piece of artwork:
Chacun de nous
Acrylic on canvas
76 x 51 x 3.8cm

chacun de nous 1


Lana Del Rey: My art and her art

When we create we may like to do it in silence or wemay like to have some music going in the background.  I have recently discovered Lana Del Rey, and the more I listen, the more I love it.

Photographer:  Nicole Nodland

Her voice is so haunting and soothing, it’s kinde of like Twin Peaks mixed with a bit of bubble gum.  I can’t really describe it, but it just goes around in my head and I really love to paint while listening to her.

And the lyrics…..

Thanks Lana


Blind Spot: Orange Blots out the Black

I’ve been wondering

I’ve been thinking

I’ve been stroking

I’ve been brushing

I’ve been flicking

I’ve been splashing

I’ve been dripping

I’ve been tripping

And….. I hit a Blind Spot!!!


Blindspot 2
Blind Spot By James Presley



Women Artists in Ascendance

Spotlight on Helen Frankenthaler

Excerpts from Life Magazine, 13th May 1957.  How times have changed.


Helen Frankenthaler, Blue Territory, 1955

In the art-filled centuries of the past, women rarely took up serious careers as painters or sculptors.  Of the daring few that did, barely a handful achieved any lasting stature.  I America, where during the 19th Century every well-bred young lady learned to while away idle moments painting pious scenes and sedate still lifes, art as a profession was left to men.  Today the picture has changed.  A sizable and remarkable group of young women is resolutely at work and their art is being sought by leading museums, galleries, and collectors.


One such young artist of the time was a graduate of Bennington College in Vermont, by the name of Helen Frankenthaler.  She started by painting realistic landscapes and moved towards an abstract style to express her emotional response to nature.  In her New York studio, she spread her canvas on the floor and often worked in the middle of it.  Helen was a major contributor to American postwar painting and she continued to paint and exhibit throughout her life.  Helen died in 2011 aged 83.



Helen Frankenthaler, Flirt 1995




First of 2018: Portrait and Beyond

This is my first piece for 2018, I hope you like it as much as I liked doing it.

portraitandbeyond (1)
Portrait and Beyond| Acrylic on canvas| 61 x 92| James Presley 2018



How Pollock and the Abstract Expressionists Created a New Visual Language

In 1950, a group of artists wrote an open letter to New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. A survey exhibition was slated to open at the museum, “American Painting Today—1950,” but when the group took a look at the jury for the artist selection process, they deduced that it would almost certainly include only the more conventional art of the Met’s then-conservative tastes. The letter claimed the museum was dismissing the pioneering work done in “modern,” “advanced” modes of art that they had been practicing since the early 1940s.

Their protest would prompt a rift in American art, between the various forms of abstraction they practiced—which were supported by the Museum of Modern Art and its director Alfred H. Barr, Jr.—and the realist art that the Met curators considered the highest expression of 20th-century American painting.

Click the link to read more.

via What Is Abstract Expressionism?


Move on up! Happy New Year! See you next year.

Personally, I think this year has been mostly a great year.  I have come a long way compared to this time last year and I intend for it to get better.

I may not be back on top where I once was, I may be a bit poor, and I may be a struggling artist, but I have my family, my health, and my optimism, and the rest will come with time.

So, I wish all my family, friends and fellow artists and bloggers an absolutely great New Year for 2018.  Cheers!



The Artsy Podcast, No. 62: The Myth of Jackson Pollock and the Masterpiece Created in One Night

This month on the Artsy Podcast, we’re translating four of our readers’ favorite art-historical stories into audio. On this episode: the dramatic story behind Jackson Pollock’s largest painting, why it’s undoubtedly exaggerated—and why that doesn’t diminished its significance in the famed Abstract Expressionist’s oeuvre.

Hopefully you can listen to the podcast here Mural: Jackson Pollock, 1943

If not, the below YouTube vidis quite interesting or you can click the link to the source on Artsy, also below.

via The Artsy Podcast, No. 62: The Myth of Jackson Pollock and the Masterpiece Created in One Night


Boxing Day walk in the woods

Southway – in the woods!

I didn’t want to upload these, because it would take alot of space so I have created an album you can click on the above link.  Here’s a couple of tasters from my Boxing Day walk.



A Portrait and a Dream

Featured image: A Portrait and a Dream (1953) By Jackson Pollock

I was just reading an article that someone had posted about the featured image and it really got my back up.  I absolutely hate it when people say “my kids could do that”,  I really would like to see that.  I might be being a bit biased as I love and admire the work of Jackson Pollock.  I see something in it that I don’t in other works by other artists.

I would spend a lot longer looking at Summertime and being moved by it than I would if you put me in front of the Mona Lisa.

Summertime: Number 9A 1948 by Jackson Pollock 1912-1956
Summertime: Number 9A 1948 Jackson Pollock 1912-1956 Purchased 1988 Tate Modern

I remember the first time I saw the painting in London, I didn’t even know it was being exhibited there and the feelings of emotions sent shivers down my spine.

This method of painting is not about throwing paint at the canvas and hoping for the best, there is so much more to it than that.  It’s about being one with the paint, the canvas and forming shapes, lines, and movements which are controlled into what can be a beautiful piece of art.



OliveBranch 2
The Olive Branch By James Presley



I know that Pollock worked on some of his paintings for months and others he did overnight, but he must have had something because there are still many people who would give anything to have an original.

Something 2
Something – Out there! By James Presley



Birth By Jackson Pollock




Something – Out there!

An upcycle?
Something – Out there!
Acrylic on canvas

By James Presley

Something 2


Christmas Time


Day and Night By James Presley


It’s Christmas time once again and I would like to wish all of my followers, readers and artist lovers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  This is only my second Christmas in England for 23 years and I am really looking forward to spending it with my family.

All I want for Christmas is….. a Harley!



Propelling Your Blog As The Next Hot Ticket Item

Good advice from The Little Mermaid, thank you!

The Little Mermaid

Eureka! I’ve finally discovered the secret to blogging success! The good news is that I can’t wait to share the magic potion with all of you! Whoot!


Let’s get started…

What is ‘blogging success’ at the outset? Is it something achievable? Is it quantifiable? For me, a successful blog is one that is loved by all. A blog that is pampered in its niche attracts thousands of visitors, garners hundreds of likes and is home to a never-ending string of comments. A successful blog stands out from the rest because, well, it is amazeballs. But what does it take for an amateur to get there? Did it cross your mind at some point in time that those established bloggers were starters, like you? Yeah? Good!

1. Passion

Passion is the key to unlock the door to blogging success. When you blog, you have to do it out of love…

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