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New Paintings at Bar Applaus

I was recently asked to do some works at a new bar close to where live so here they are.


Guitar Wrap

Quartet: a little symphony


Painting, Wine, Cheese and Olives

I painted this week.  The first time for a long time.  My heart and soul got back on track.  I had a bit of a rough period, but now I am back and you are going to see a lot more posts coming.  I would appreciate any other artist who wish to showcase their work on my site to send me some jpeg photos and a brief biography, with any past, present or upcoming exhibition details.  I will post everything on here.  I have a pretty good following so you will get a lot of exposure.  You never know, this could be the start of a nice little community.  If you want to join then send your request to the following: All Artists Group

A Night in Paris 2014A Night in Paris 2014

Flowers and Space Blue – Now for Sale

I painted this picture in 2007 and later entered it into an international art competition, where to my surprise I won the Abstract or Experimental category out of 36.000 entrants.  Now I feel that it is time for someone to enjoy this painting in their home so it is up for sale.  If you are interested go to – Flowers and Space Blue

It is sold with frame which is made from a beautiful blue-stained wood and compliments the painting very well.  Enjoy!



Karel Gott: Singer or Painter?

Karel Gott was born in Bohemia, July 14th, 1939.  Originally he wanted to be an artist but failed the entrance exams.  Later he turned to singing lesson and eventually become one of the most popular singers in the former Czechoslovakia and now in The Czech Republic and The Slovak Republic.  He was and still has a loyal fan base in Germany and Austria.  He has one many awards throughout his singing career and has also performed in North and South America as well as Japan and the UAE.  This sounds impressive, but me, personally, when he is dubbed thMe ‘Czech Tom Jones’, or the ‘Sinatra of the East’, I have to chuckle to myself.  It is only my own opinion, and I don’t mean to offend any fans, but my cat is a better singer.  The music is just so cheesy, and his look and egotistic presentation of himself just boggles my mind as to how he can pull it off.

When he was younger admittedly, he wasn’t so bad, but now at 75, I just keep wishing he’d retire and stop using his reputation from the past to continue.

Having said all that, I did discover a side to him that I was quite surprised at.  He is quite a talented artist.  His paintings are reminiscent of a modern Gauguin, not saying as good but there are some hints in  his style.  It’s only in my humble opinion, but I think he should have stuck to painting.

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Latest Glass Paintings

My new vases from all 4 sides

Emese Cuth: Guest Article

I have known Emese for many years, and she is a very fine artist, so I wanted to include her in my list of very special guests.  She is a Hungarian, but now lives in Australia.  Below you can see her short introduction and some of her works.  Maybe we will have that coffee some day.

I am an ethnic Hungarian born in the former Czechoslovakia (today’s Slovakia); a Slovak and Canadian citizen currently living in Sydney, Australia.

At 14, my whole life changed due to a simple event: reading Michelangelo’s biography (Irving Stone: The Agony and the Ecstasy). I fell in love. I started drawing, and nothing has been the same since.

At 15, my family moved to Toronto, Canada. During my high school years I spent almost all of my free time drawing. I enjoyed the support and guidance of my amazing art teacher, dear Ms. Sophie Karman, but other than art classes in high school I never received any other art training. I was simply head over heels in love with my 3B pencils, my beautiful BFK Rives papers, and the ecstasy I experienced while putting pencil to paper.

At 20 I decided to move to Hungary with the intention of studying fine art at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in Budapest. I applied twice and was rejected on both occasions. Crushed, I finally ended up studying English and Hungarian at ELTE University while supporting myself by working as an English teacher and translator. I received my MA in English language and literature in 2010.

I ended up staying in Hungary for 11 years. Living in Budapest was my own personal agony and ecstasy. The experience was unbelievably beautiful, painful, arduous and blissful – all at the same time. I experienced unspeakably low lows and dizzily high highs. In the end I became depressed because life was too demanding and I had almost no time to draw. Over the course of 11 years I managed to have only 3 solo exhibitions in Budapest.


I think I have spent an unhealthy amount of time wallowing in self-pity and brooding over how unfair life is. What I should have been doing all along is to give in to my elemental drive to draw and paint and forget about everything else.

I draw people because to me people are the most fascinating subject matter around. People are so goddamn beautiful. I am constantly in awe. Ceaselessly amazed.

When it comes to creating art, I’m not big on symbols, allegories, subliminal messages, or social-political concerns. My motives are simple and naive: I want to create images that are beautiful. I am also interested in evoking various moods and atmospheres through my drawings; as well as (yes, shoot me in the face) communicating emotions. What I am NOT interested in is portraying illness, ugliness, decay. I am a hypersensitive person who must always keep their eyes focused on beauty; otherwise I’ll become depressed and suicidal. “Beauty is truth, truth beauty,” and so on – you know the drill.

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